Vsphere console on linux

The web console wasn’t working for me today. I downloaded the vmrc bundle, but that didn’t seem to install either. After a bit of messing around I brute forced it

  1. Looking at /tmp/vmware-root/vmware-vmis-10550.log showed the install was failing trying to load /usr/lib/vmware-installer/1.6/sopython/libpy25.so . /usr/lib/vmware-installer didn’t exist.
  2. Ran the script to find the commands to get the binary data.
    bash -x VMware-Remote-Console-9.0.0-4288332.x86_64.bundle
  3. Decompressed the binary data with the commands from above
    dd if=VMware-Remote-Console-9.0.0-4288332.x86_64.bundle ibs=15156 obs=1024 skip=1 of=1.gz
    gzip -d 1.gz
    tar xvf 1
  4. Move the resulting directory to the right place
    mkdir -p /usr/lib/vmware-installer/1.6
    mv ~rjb/tmp/install/vmware-installer /usr/lib/vmware-installer/1.6
  5. Run installer
    bash ~rjb/tmp/VMware-Remote-Console-9.0.0-4288332.x86_64.bundle --console

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